Healthy Everday Pets

Pete Evans has worked with one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists to create Healthy Everyday Pets, aiming to provide healthier, premium quality dog and cat food to the Australian pet market.

Enlisting Australian owned manufacturers we can assure you that you are feeding your pet companion the best pet food Australia has available. Ultra low in sugars and carbohydrates, Healthy Everyday Pets is set to revolutionise the pet food industry. We ensure that each product in our range is full of REAL premium quality ingredients and not sugar filled JUNK food .

Healthy Everyday Pets by Pete Evans a brand synonymous with quality pet food that you know is good for your best friend.

About Pete

As a chef I’m known for my focus on healthy cooking, so the idea of creating a range of healthy pet foods feels like a natural progression for me!

Being a pet owner, I want to know that my furry family members are enjoying real, nutritious meals and treats, just like me. So, it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my Healthy Everyday Pets complete meals, treats and supplements.

Because we all love our pets, this innovative and ever-expanding new range of pet food means that you can now treat your pets to healthier meals that are full of goodness.

How good? Well, all of our products are tested on humans, so I try everything as well!

But let me also introduce you to my team of furry family testers, especially since they are what drove me to create my range of health-giving pet foods.

Shikoba, our energetic little poodle loves nothing more than to spend a day running up and down our backyard, so after burning all that energy she gets to test all our Healthy Everyday pet food. I think she’s onto a winner, getting to taste all the delicious treats and meals….

Anais is our rescue kitty and she’s been a part of our family for the past couple of years; her name means grace and she has plenty of that!

Orlando and Zorro are our Friesian horses, both majestic, regal and strong yet so gentle and loving.

So if your furry family enjoys my new range of healthy pet foods as much as mine, it will be a happy healthy household all round!

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the pet food industry, bringing awareness of the junk sugar filled pet food that is ubiquitous on the shelves. That’s why we have created a range of complete and balanced meals, treats and also supplements that will set new standards that pet parents will come to expect.

Healthy Everyday Pets by Pete Evans is a range of all natural, nutritionally rich, ultra-low sugar REAL food. It’s a brand synonymous with quality pet food that you know is good for your best friend.

Our Mission

To produce the most natural, nutritionally rich, low sugar real food for Australian pet parents who appreciate the value of their pets eating healthy every day.